"Win with Money"
Tuesday, November 26th @ 1:00PM Eastern
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Join us for a Live
Webinar featuring

Billy Hofacker

Too many health professionals “think” they will have a solid future and a great return. Yet, without ever seeing the writing on the wall, far too many of them – smart, hard working people just like you - end up frustrated and struggling to make ends meet. Do you have nagging doubts or worries about money? Billy Hofacker has been there and understands your pain. In true “rags to riches” fashion, he paid down north of 100K in non-mortgage debt in under five years. He’s achieved an enormous sense of freedom, and now he’s going to show you how to do the same.

The Tools Needed to Achieve Financial Success (It’s not what you think):

·         How to Create a Spending Plan that Works
·         How to Pay Down Debt Fast
·         How to Create Margin in your Life
·         How to Help Ensure you have a Growing and Successful Business

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Billy Hofacker has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and is the owner and CEO of Total Body Boot Camp and Performance Center, with two successful locations in the hyper competitive market of Long Island, NY.

After several years of being a full time professional martial artist and BJJ black belt, Billy is now passionate about helping Fitness Professionals win with money.

He is the author of Lose Weight & Feel Great, as well as the creator of Financial Freedom for Health and Fitness Professionals course.

Billy is also the creator of the Small Facility System, a zip code specific program designed for small facility owners to build themselves, their company culture, and their profit.

He is also on pace to becoming Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with Toastmasters International this year. Billy has conducted hundreds of fitness presentations over the years at churches, businesses, and organizations.