"You Can't Stop the Waves, but you Can Learn to Surf"
~ Jon Kabat Zinn
Health Coaching Riding the Aging Wave - Part 1
Introduction to Health Coaching

In this course we will focus on ways to support our clients across decades of aging.  While this is not a Health Coaching certification, you will learn about health coaching methods  you can use to help your clients stay on their fitness path through life's events and transitions. The content will include concepts with a perspective on Middle Age and Older Age and most importantly where there are differences.

This course will consist of three Parts. Currently Part 1 (consisting of Part 1A, 1B and 1C) is available for your continuing education. Stay tuned for the launch of Parts 2 and 3 which are currently under development.

One-Time Payment of $129 for Part 1


"I believe that the pandemic, which the fitness industry continues to contend with, has forever changed the job description of the Personal Trainer. No longer is it enough to provide exercise instruction and nutrition advice. The Personal Trainer must become a coach and guide their clients, step by step, along their health/fitness journey. Riding the Aging Wave provides clear and concise methods for the personal trainer to do just that"

- Rick Sullivan, CPT and Owner, Evolve Exercise

"The Course was well organized and included practical information with concrete evidence and examples for how to incorporate learnings into Coaching Approach to enhance overall effectiveness"

- Kathleen Schulz, CHES, MS Public Health Policy

Instructors' Thoughts on the Course

Liz Cohen & Deborah Glassford 

Aging is something on everyone’s mind – in so many different ways.  Youngsters want to be Teenagers; Teenagers want to be Adults – and then when you become an Adult, your thoughts go to how can I stay young.  But Aging is part of life and when we realized the variety of our client's ages, it struck us – it’s important to understand as we age what is changing and how our support of our clients may need to change as well. That’s why we created this course, Health Coaching- Riding the Aging Wave.

Course Overview

3 Modules

10 Educational Videos

3 Learning Resources

5 Practice Exercises  (You can use with your clients as well!)

3 10-Question Quizzes

By the end of this course you will:


Increase the connection with your clients - now more than ever,  as we all navigate through the new worlds of virtual and in-person training.


Expand the support for your clients beyond the physical using Health Coaching behavioral change concepts.


Develop a value add service - show your clients you can help them without being in person by asking more questions through Health Coaching methodologies.


And most importantly, help your clients stay on their fitness paths  - COVID 19 impacts are vast, especially reduction in motivation from being home and isolated.


Liz Cohen

Certified Health Coach

Liz followed parallel careers in Hospitality Management and Health & Wellness.  Working for Marriott International, she developed strong team leadership, customer service and people management skills – and served as Executive Chair for Marriott’s Corporate Wellness Program, Take Care, which included efforts in Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise and Work/Life Balance.  Liz has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer since 2006. She is a Certified Health Coach as of 2018 and owns For Good Health Coaching.  Liz has a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University and attended Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition and Policy for a Graduate Certificate, Wellcoaches School of Coaching and is also Certified by the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.

Deborah Glassford, MS

Exercise Physiologist

Deborah’s career in the Health and Fitness industry began in 1985. Her career included managing Corporate Fitness Centers for GE and Verizon, commercial Health Clubs in the Westchester County, NY area and actively teaching Group Fitness classes for over 35 years.  Since 1992, she has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer. Deborah has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Business from Ithaca College and a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Nutrition from Long Island University.  She also has additional Certifications from the Authentic Pilates Guild, and as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.

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