"Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Conquering the Fear of Falling"
Tuesday, February 18th @ 1:00PM Eastern
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Join us for a Live
Webinar featuring

Guy Andrews

The goal of any modern fall prevention program should be to get the client out of their chair with standing drills to improve lower body and core strength and reduce their fall risk. The problem is that  many seniors are so terrified of falling (or falling again!) that they restrict activity and tie themselves to their chairs in the mistaken belief that as long as they are seated they are safe. In the long run this is the worse thing they can do: The more sedentary they are, they weaker they will become and when, inevitably,  they have to get up, their fall risk increases.  If your goal is to keep your senior client as functional and independent for as long as possible, join Guy Andrews of Exercise ETC for this fast paced webinar that will teach you how to eliminate the chair and show you specific drills and activities designed to decrease fall risk, increase core strength and reduce the debilitating fear of falling. These drills and activities can be done one-on-one,  or in large- or small groups, and are so much fun the client won’t even be aware they are working to reduce fall risk.